Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dollar Tree Valentines Tree Craft

Good Morning dear readers,  I loved making the tree at Christmas.  So I wanted to make one for Valentines Day.  It's basically the same method as the one at Christmas. Here's what you'll need to this make this tree.

Pipe Cleaner-red, pink, gold 
Styrofoam cone
stickers-heart shaped

You will stick pipe cleaner in the cone and proceed to wrap around cone securing the other end in the Styrofoam.  You will do this until entirely covered with pipe cleaner alternating colors.  The top will be exposed cover with stickers overlapping until nothing exposed.  Take a piece of pipe cleaner and twist into heart shape and stick ends into top of tree.  Cover your tree with heart stickers and your heart shape at the top with stickers.  Viola your done nice little decoration.

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