Monday, January 27, 2014

What are Hypnagogic Dreams?

Good Morning dear readers,  We are going back to health education today.  Do you ever wake-up and feel like you saw, felt or heard something and it was so real but you were dreaming.  Don't worry your not alone out there.  I have had this experience before too.  I've fallen asleep and felt like someone was screaming in my hear--very freaky.  Funny enough told my doctor his first response was where was Frankie.  He knows me well.  Frankie was passed out at the foot of the bed. For once, it wasn't Frankie's fault it was dreams. This experience is more common then you realize its called Hypnagogic dreams.  The body enters a form of pre-rem state.  This is where Hypnagogic dreams start. They can lead to deeper dreams and even lucid dreaming.  Lucid dreaming is you know you are dreaming.  Your asking at this point why is this important?  Dreams help you with everyday problems.  For example your having relationship problems your dreams maybe showing you a way to deal with it.  Understanding your dreams is a way of understanding yourself and decreasing your stress, anxiety and depression.  This makes for a healthier perspective on life.  So how do you understand your dreams?  The best way to do that is to keep a dream journal.  Write down your dreams as soon as possible so you don't forget the experience when its fresh.  Do this for awhile especially if you have dreams that are bothering you.  Then sit down and review what you have written.  Is their a repetitive pattern.  This pattern will help you figure out whats bothering you and help you work through it. Hope this helps.  Get those journals out and start writing.

1.  Do you remember your dreams?
2.  Do you have Hypnagogic dreams?
3.  Do you have lucid dreams?
4.  Do you keep a dream journal?

                                              For once it wasn't Frankie's fault, it was dreams.

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