Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Secret To Using Your Coupons Effectively

Good Morning all,  I've been wanting to post this for awhile.  So even though  still clipping and filing I'm going to let you in on the secret.  Organization is the secret to using your coupons.  You need to find the system that works best for you.  I love the box method and I've always wanted a coupon keeper but could not justify paying that kind of money for it.  So I did what every frugal blogger/mom does I made my own.  I found a craft storage box at Wal-mart for around $8 and I got large index cards and post it notes.  I cut the cards down to size and put colored post it notes with the headings of coupons I use.  You can have as many sections that fit in your box(I'm still filing mine).  You can have segments for your ecb's (cvs-extra care bucks) and your Catalina coupons or even high value coupons.  You make it to what you need.  The more organized it is the more money you can save.  I can tell you a time I had to hunt for coupons for a sale because the box segment just said health and beauty. This took at least half an hour. This way its broken up into hair care, oral care and skin care which makes it alot easier.  If you have alot of coupons get the family involved in clipping and tell them you'll treat them. I give the boys some extra money to help me.  Shoot if Frankie had hands I'd give him a pair of scissors and tell him to clip for a can of cheese flavored cat food he'd do anything.  So now your organized what do you do?

1.  Check your store flyers for the sales and any matching coupons.
2.  Check couponing websites for what they have found with coupons
3.  Before you shop get a note book and go into your cabinets and write down products and contact info plus their upcs on products and call the companies.
4.  Keep tract of who you've called and what you get from them
5.  Check the store out before you shop for unadvertised deals and tear pad coupons and coupon blinkie machines.
6.  To keep you motivated keep tract of what you save in your note book.
7.  Almost forgot check the websites of the stores for future sales to get the coupons you need.

This is just a few things I do to use my coupons.  I'm not saying the box method is for everyone you have to find what works for you. What ever method you use it needs to be organized in order for you to save money.  So Happy Couponing.

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