Wednesday, December 18, 2013

CVS and Savemart--Good Deal on Frankie's Food and Meat Sale

Good Morning all, Did a little shopping yesterday morning and visited CVS and Save mart.   Did not do to bad have to get ready for the boys to be off of school for 2 weeks and needed some ground meats for casseroles.  So here's the breakdown of what I got from both stores.

First Store CVS did 2 transactions.

3 cases of the 12 pack 7 up brand of sodas  total  $21.27     after sale/coupons   O.O.P.  $12.80  
 Saved 40%
and I received $3 in ECB's

2nd Transaction

1 3 lb. bag of kit-n-kaboodle
2 cans of Friskies  

Total before sales/coupons/ecb's    $7.35              O.O.P.       $1.01    Saved   93 %

Would you believe the little nut (only weighs 7 lbs) ate 12 pack of cans in a week.

The second store Save mart here's what I got:

3 packages of ground beef
2 packages of ground turkey  (this was the pick 5/25 sale)
3 packages of chips ahoy cookies on sale for $1.99 had 3 $1/1
1 package of linguine (got the wrong noodles for chicken Milan the other day)

Total before sales/coupons/discounts    $46.03                  O.O.P.   $28.95    Saved  37%

Okay couponers just a couple of things check your save mart and cvs stores this week found tear pads and blinkes for chocolate milk and pasta

Also got an email from coke rewards double diet coke points this week. Theirs a deal for getting a coupon for 12 pack of coke for 30 points did not see a limit. But they are out of stock right now, so keep checking because combining these coupons with a CVS deal would be awesome in getting some ECB's.
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