Tuesday, December 3, 2013

"All I Want For Christmas" movie and Activity

Good Morning all,  Here's another lovely Christmas movie to share with your family.   It's the story of a single parent raising her son.  A local toy company sponsors a Christmas contest.  Her son enters the contest because all he wants for Christmas is a new Dad.  He wants his mom to find someone special.  The story continues with her being presented with various prospects.  A very funny and heart warming story.  The punchline what you want is right in front of you.  Here's the activity for the family.  In the story the woman buys 20 Christmas trees and donates them to needy families.  I'm not saying go out and buy a bunch of trees but why not help a family get a tree for Christmas. Check with your local church and donate a tree to a family in need.  Lets not forget the elderly this season.  Some don't have family around or are unable to get out.  Go and visit them, be it a neighbor or a nursing home bring some home made goodies and Christmas cards.  Spread some of the joy around and take some of the commercialism out of the holiday.  Well I hope very one has a joyous time until our next post enjoy.

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