Sunday, February 26, 2017

Caturday Art-Snowshoe Purple Sunrise Kitty

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Good Morning furbuddies sorry late again.  Mom is beginning to hate this computer and the weather. She forgot to take a photo and finally got one yesterday but the system wouldn't upload it.  So it finally loaded this morning.  I'm hiding on top of the fridge from all the embarassement of the late photo again.  I thought we got that taken care of but no such luck.  Good news I hear talk of a new computer next month.  I hope that means no more wifi problems.  Mother was rude again she took that crafting Photo and changed it to say NO CRAFTING ALLOWED on a t-shirt.  She's going to wear it around town and totally embarass me.  I tell you WHY, WHY does she do these things to me.  I'm going to have to go around town wearing sunglasses.  No, no I better not she'll take a photo of that for sure and put it on t-shirt too. Here's are entry Athena Cat goddess hop go and check it out.

Oh mom has a fun activity on her facebook page pick which house style you like and you get to pick from actual houses from redfin.  Yes she looks at redfin everyday. We hope to move has soon as the va comes through.  Here's link

Please check out the shop so she wont make we take any more pics.  Here's the dreaded NO CRAFTING ALLOWED t-shirt and various others.

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