Monday, November 7, 2016

Here at Last Upcycled Xmas Picture Frame

Good morning dear readers, the picture frame is finally done to my picky tastes.  I know, I know it should have been done ages ago but I wanted it to be perfect.  Been reading some lovely books on upcycling frames and using vintage pieces and just love it.  The paints I found are just really cool glitter acrylic paints.  They make every thing glow especially a christmas project. So here's what I used.

Frame found at thrift store-it kept calling to me so to speak
Folk Art Extreme Glitter Paint in Red, Silver and Green
Vintage Jewelry Pieces found at thrift store (you can find pieces similar at etsy or even amazon)
Glue Gun and sticks
Family Photo, Favourite Xmas Card or Fantasy Photo to put into frame coming later 

I started out my painting the frame silver and letting it dry for several hours.  Then worked on the berries and let them dry for several hours.  The hardest one was the green paint kept coming out not dark enough so had to keep adding coats to it to where I was satisfied.  Once all dried go back over areas with bleed through and repaint.  Then glue vintage bits to frame and let dry. Once done you can add a family holiday photo, favourite card or fantasy card (saw some lovely leaning tree cards at grocery outlet).  This was a lot  of fun see what you can do with a frame.

Here are my recommendations to help you make your own frame craft:

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