Saturday, November 12, 2016

Caturday Art-Snowshoe Painted Fire Kitty

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Good Morning furbuddies,  The mom has put me on guard duty again the creeper is back.  He's the guy that went around and harassed us in the middle of the night one summer and it took the cops 4 months to catch him.  We think its him same M.O. that's what mom says.  She thought she heard something last week when she was getting dressed after her shower like tapping on her window creeped her out.  No office staff around it was around 10am odd time.  I was asleep in chair in the dining room (asleep on the job mom says).  Any way moms giving me a break from posing and letting me use another glamour shot photo and turning it into art. Here's the link to join my fellow anipals in the art hop  We would love to see you there.  The Woofie next door and I are on the job now and we'll get this guy again hopefully soon mom doesn't sleep well when this stuff is going on. You do know I want to sink my fangs into him like I did at the vets office. Just let me alone with  the guy and I'll work my magic  Do your pet parents pay attention to your security issues?  Do you let your pet parents know that their are bad guys outside your home? Also its the holiday season and their are not so nice people who steal your Xmas packages so make sure you find a way to have them secured for you.

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