Thursday, October 20, 2016

The vintage teacup club review

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Good Morning dear readers, Frankie's taking a rest today and letting me work. Has  you know I love teacups and how delicate they look and feel.  When I saw this book I just had to have it and it turned out to be a great read.   What really stands out about this book is the friendships that develops between the 3 main women characters.  They are brought together because they all want the same vintage teacup set and decide to share it. One wants the teacup for her wedding to make it unique, another is a wedding planner who wants to use it in a wedding as well and one that stood out for me wants to make it into a teacup candle(yes I'm still figuring out mine). They end up sharing more then the teacup they share their ups and downs in there lives and its makes for a heart warming read. So if you like a blend of drama, romance and humor this book is for you. Be sure and check it out on amazon.

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