Monday, October 10, 2016

Man cat monday-phone thief

Furbudies I'm doing this in secret mom is running around like a chicken with out a head.  So I stole her phone to keep her from making any more appointments.  I want her to get back to regular blog post even it means I have to write them for her.  So there will be a thrifting haul soon if I don't get caught.  It's a shame I can't cook the pull apart bread she's got written down I'd do that too.  Here's some arty photos including me has a witch for Halloween.  Sending Zen Hugs and Purrs your way. Oh I heard mom say to describe how she sees things when having a migraine check out the alien on Battleship. After he takes off his helmet that's what she sees when having one of her headaches.

                                                    I can master this tech thingy.

                                                Am I scary enough.

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