Saturday, October 29, 2016

Caturday Art-Snowshoe National Kitty Day

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Good Morning my furbuddies, I'm mad at mom as usual. She took my photo right when I sneezed.  She wont use any other photos.  Because Frankie you would not look at me. I wanted a head shot and that was it.  But MOTHER I LOOK SNOOTY AND UPPITY.  Frankie you are snooty and uppity also demanding, spoiled, bratty and I could go on.  Okay Okay mom I get it. I get it you had a bad night with your meds.  Sighs Frankie Frankie what am I going to do with you.  Go back to sleep mom I got this Halloween is Monday. What is everyone doing on this spooky day? The boys are going with the youth group to something called DIRE WORLD the Halloween Amusement Park.  I get to answer the door with mother (Frankie) okay okay.  Mom wanted me to remind all you pet parents.  If you have pets like me who are has mom rudely says cellophane junkies to make sure the wrappers are put tightly away in trash cans. Yes, I've been known to tip over trash cans to get to wrappers. I can find them anywhere.  We are going to watch World War Z and the new version of Ghost Busters and eat moms favourite homemade Mongolian beef recipe. Here's the photo we are sharing at Athena cat goddess art hop today come and join us its so fun.

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