Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Why Chicken Soup?

Good Morning dear readers,  I thought it was time to do a health education post today. Your lying in bed sick thinking I want soup.  Soup will make me feel better.  What is this ingrained response to wanting soup.  Is it because when you were little your family gave you soup.  We are taught from a young age that certain thing make you feel better when your sick. My boys are no different they want soup when their sick.  Does it really help us feel better.  Yes, surprisingly it does.  It contains amino acids that thin out mucus membranes allowing you to breathe better.  The spices in the chicken soup help support the immune system and if your soup as the carrots--carrots fight off infection.  So sit back and enjoy your soup.  What else do we ask for when we're sick?  My kids also ask for these items.

gator aide-can restore electrolytes lost from being sick
7-up-mixed with gator aide makes it more palatable and settles stomach
honey-mixed in hot tea soothes the throat
peppermint-soothes a sore throat
popsicles-soothing the throat and added vitamin c

So what does your family do when your sick?  Any homeopathic remedies not listed that you want to share
plmk love hearing from my readers. 

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