Sunday, March 9, 2014

new craft steam punk/mixed media birdhouse

Good Morning dear readers,  I'm finally finished with the birdhouse and it turned out great.  I love it.  It was a fun project.  I painted it and put all kinds of media on it from jewelry pieces to washers and finds.  If you want to make one like it here's what you'll need.

paint various colors (found at walmart)
tacky glue
seed beads
steam punk finds (ordered from beadalicious at amazon)
owl came from a yard sale
big box of wood beads (walmart)
almost forgot birdhouse (found at walmart)

                                               before it was painted

                                                  Found this at a yard sale

                                            put tacky glue around the base and poured seed beads around it.

                                                 Glued washers above the seed beads                                              
                                                     can't see in this pic clock faces beneath windows

                         Finished product with wood flower beads to make a daisy chain and pearl beads as leaves
                                               For easy pinning

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