Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Decorated Chalk Board Picture Frame

Good Evening, dear readers,  I'm still learning about the art journaling all the different techniques.  So I don't have any of that yet to post.  But to keep me busy love the crafts,  I've found something to work on and share with you.  It's a lovely chalk board picture frame good for leaving messages to your kids.

So here's what you'll need to create this lovely piece of work:

Chalk board picture frame (found at wal-mart)
paint acrylic in pure pink
Sharpie's CHECK THESE OUT  (found a package of these called the 80's glam so cool-their is a coupon available for $1.50)
Flower Beads
Ceramic Ice Cream Cone (found at thrift store in craft area)
paint brushes 
letter stencils
adhesive glue

                                               Paint with your acrylic paint.

                          Here's those wonderful sharpie's use your stencils to fill in your choice of words.

                         Glue on your elements like flower beads and ice cream cone ceramic piece.
                         For easy pinning

                                                   Let dry and your done.

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