Monday, October 7, 2013

A Room of Her Own-Needing Space To Decrease Stress

Good Morning all,  I have a question to ask where do you go to get peace in your household? Do you have a room that is all your own.  Be it an office, craft room or bedroom.  I had the pleasure to read and own Chris Casson Madden's Book  "A Room Of Her Own".  This book is full of lovely pictures and articles about women and their favourite personal spaces-a room of their own.  This is one of the few items I kept when I left my ex-husband.  It's that good.  This book inspires me to create a space that promotes relaxation and a stress free zone.  Not quite free but close enough when you have teenagers. My space of course has to have some kind of color.  I've been in so many place where the walls are white. I can't stand white.  I have peach walls now not by choice.  Apartment complex set the rules.  So I like to put alot of pictures on the walls to liven them up.  Another place I like to put some color is decorative pillows on my bed.  They liven the place up and make it comfortable for relaxing.  What's relaxation without a place to read.  So must have a good chair and lightening.  One item a nice bookcase for all my books. When I buy a house I plan on getting a shaker revolving bookcase, so cool.  A must in my room a radio or CD player.  I love listening to NPR and classical music.  Unfortunately I do have a roommate a Siamese who thinks he's a music critic. So tell me what helps you destress? Do you have a room of your own?  Do you use color and music to help you relax?  Come on people let's share what's your personal space like?

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