Friday, July 12, 2013

Frankie's Corner + Fill in Friday Hop Answers

Finally I get my paws on the keyboard.  Mom is in the kitchen making that smelly coffee stuff.  Can you believe she put purrrfectly good meat in coffee yuck!  Personally I prefer it raw.  My fellow cats when we Meow it should come out MEEEEow.  Because isn't it really about us.  Humans just don't realize it.  She even had the nerve to not include me in my boys Birthday singalong.  They were singing Happy Birthday and didn't include me sniff, sniff, cry, cry.  Oh poor pitiful me.  Finally Mom noticed me glaring at her while I was sitting on her computer.  She made some lame comment, your birthdays in February.  I don't care I want it now.  Frankie Get Off the computer!! I got to go bye for now.

Good morning all trying to get some coffee in me, because Frankie wakes me up early with that snoring going on all night. I've been reading my fellow pet bloggers stuff. I just love how we anthropomorphize our pets.  I know some people think we're crazy, but we know what are dogs and cats are saying.  We've been around them long enough to know what's coming out of their mouths. What would you do if they really could talk? Something to think about.  If you like talking cats check out Shirley Rousseau Murphy's Joe Grey.  He's a talking cat who solves murdery mysteries.    Here's the latest of Frankie have a good weekend.

Adding my answers to Fill In Friday Hop

This week’s statements:
1. I am never late its ruins my whole day.
2.Not Stressing is hard for me.
3. My favorite place to vacation is any place not sunny heat makes me sick.
4. The best concert I’ve seen have not been to one.

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