Saturday, July 6, 2013

College Students or Anyone needing Free Stuff

Good Afternoon all it's Estate and Yard Sale season and this is the best time to get Freebies.  Mom's and Dad's you can get stuff for your College student for free. Some of the things you can find are furniture, lamps, desk and various small kitchen appliances.  You will need to check Craigslist and your local paper, these sales will give stuff away toward the end of the day.  They just don't want to deal with it especially if they're moving.  If you see something you want and the sale is almost over they will come down on price, some even 50-70 off.  So give it a try.  Some of the items I've gotten in the past include:

Antique Danish Modern Chair
Needle Point Framed Picture (looks very old)
Wrought Iron Shelving Unit
Complete Set of China
Books (these can be resold to used book stores)
Chinese Tea Pot Set
20k Framed Music Box
Various Small Kitchen Appliances.

Happy Yard Sales
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