Saturday, October 31, 2015

Caturaday Art-Kitty In the Roses

Good Morning dear readers,  It's Halloween morning and the boys are getting ready to party.  Mom is manning the door.  She wont let me out in the living room.  I get to listen to my favourite radio voice Delilah.  The channel she's on is called the Fish.  I don't know why I never smell any yummy fish or hear any fish flapping.  Well mom took the photo of the talky box and me and arted it up.  The first photo she used HDR in pic monkey.  Then she did a bubble overlay then added a rose border in pizap.  Don't party to much and drink to much nip or eat to much bonito flakes.  Frankie sending purrs and has mom says zen hugs.

In anticipation of the other holidays we are putting up the panel showing our Christmas ornaments for your viewing pleasure.

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