Friday, July 5, 2013

Frankie's Obsession (photos now included)

Frankie as a couple of obsessions that drive me crazy.  He hates my cat collectibles and will do anything to knock them down.  I've had to get a shelving unit to put most of them inside it.  If anything is within reach, he will knock it down or god forbid chew it.  I have beanie babies and he will steal them and chew them. It got to the point I ended up giving him one.  It's now his favorite chew toy.  I've come across an item that will let me put my collectibles on the dresser without fear of breaking.  I'm talking about the glass and ceramic ones. It's called Museum wax and its non toxic and will hold glass and ceramics safely.  I'm ready to give this a try because I'm tired of gluing my collectibles back together.  Has anybody tried this item?  Those of you have kids and pets probably know the other problem I have with Frankie.  Well kids eat snacks that come in cellophane and plastic wrappers.  If their left lying around Frankie will eat them which can cause bathroom issues.  So I tell the boys to pick up after themselves (that doesn't always work).  I check before bedtime to make sure nothing is lying around, because if its out there he'll eat it. So if you have kids and pets look before  bedtime because pets love to play when everybody's a sleep.

Sorry  everyone due to technical difficulties Frankie's picture will not be up.  The camera and the computer don't like each other.  The same thing happens when I hookup my printer.  I have to get my tech guy to help me fix it.

Thanks everyone and thank god the heat wave is over in California.

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