Monday, July 15, 2013

Teens and Body Image

Where do kids get their ideas about what is acceptable or attractive in their circles? I always cringe when I here the words, I'm to fat or I'm to thin.  Growing up should not have the added burden of not liking yourself because of  body image.  Kids see beautiful people in movies and TV getting whatever they want. This teaches them to be ashamed of not being thin and beautiful.  This can lead to all kinds of problems.  I had the boys ask me, at various times can I try diet pills.  I'm like No, No  and No.  Their is a better way and a healthier way to lose weight.  You can eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water and walk 30 minutes to an hour a day.  This does work because you lose the weight gradually, not all at once. If you lose the weight to quickly it comes back.  Diet pills can cause all kinds of problems inside the body.  Do we all remember Phen Phen, scary. Dieting and poor body image can lead to Anorexia.  Anorexia is were the victim believes they are to fat, but in reality they are bone thin.  They are literally starving themselves to death. Bulimia is another disorder where the victim binge eats and then induces vomiting.  The constant vomiting can cause damage to various parts of  the body i.e. tooth decay. dizziness and weakness, acid reflex.  We need to teach our children the ideal person on TV is not reality.  We need to come up with better words to describe ourselves and teach acceptance of the way we look.  My word for what I look like is I'm Zaftig.  Have fun with it with and tell your kids their fine the way they look.
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