Saturday, April 18, 2015

Caturday Art-Spring Is Here

Good Morning dear readers,  Could not do a Frankie photo for this weekend.  Almost ready for the quarterly nightmare inspection,  That's why I took a break to fix Frankie's photo for the weekend.  I love pizap and we continued to play in that program.  Here's the photos.  I used a flower border and photo lighting effect enjoy.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Craft Challenge-Upcycling a Paper Bag into an Envelope

Good Afternoon dear readers, I am participating in the craft challenge for April-up cycling a paper bag.  I turned my paper bag into an envelope which you can decorate any way you want too.  You can put address labels on it and make it so cool.  Here's how I did it. I deconstructed a card envelope.  Then traced the outline on the brown paper bag. Then I cut it out with my scissors.  Then I folded in the edges and used a glue stick to hold it together.  For extra measure I also put decorative washi tape on it.  There you have it a nice new envelope.  Sorry mr. camera was not co-operating a little blurry.

Mega Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie

Good Morning dear readers,  I wanted to make a smoothie that contained both types of anti-inflammatory agents that I knew about.  I took a class at the VA that discussed alternatives to medications because I'm allergic to a lot of medications.  I was intrigued by the tart cherry juice,  It works as an anti-inflammatory.  It's really great. It helped me with my knee.  Now we also have our favourite pineapple juice with its bromeline.  Bromeline is also an anti-inflammatory agent.  I love the effects of bromeline can be used on headaches and muscle pains.  I decided to mix them together and I could immediately feel the effects.  It went right to the swelling in my knee. But note don't drink more then one cup of cherry juice in a day it can lock up your joints.  I found this out from the clerk at Raley's because I was buying so much of it at one time.  So here's the recipe.  Bon appetite.

1-can 15 oz crushed pineapple
1-cup tart cherry juice-can be found at Raleys
2-cups of pineapple juice
ice cubes 

Put all of it in the blender on crush and then hit blend.  All done drink up.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Caturday Art-National Cat Day Photo

Good Morning dear readers, its national cat day today and we are participating in Athena's Caturday Art Hop.  We took a grainy photo of Frankie's and played in Pizap today.  I put the cotton candy overlay on it then did an organic frame and it turned out great.  Here's the finished product with the before photo down below it.  Enjoy and check out how you can turn your photos into art.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Frugal Southern Beans and Ham

Good Afternoon readers,  I decided since I had a ham bone leftover from Easter dinner I would attempt my mother's Beans and Ham recipe.  This recipe brings back memories. My mother would cook this all the time.  She was definitely from the deep south can't get any southern then Water Proof  Louisiana.  She never actually told me how she made it.  I just remember how she cooked it.  I added some of my own ingredients to give it a little different flavor.  So here's what you'll need:

1 Ham bone or ham  hocks
1 lb bag of dried kidney beans
4 cups water
1 crock pot
1 cup diced onions
1 teaspoon minced garlic

You will want to soak the beans overnight to soften them up.  To give the beans that great flavor put the ham bone in from the beginning of the cooking process.  Rinse beans and then place in crock pot with Ham bone then add 4 cups of water.  Let cook on low for 8 hours.  In the last two hours saute onions and minced garlic in oil for 2 minutes.  Then place in crock pot let cook remaining 2 hours. Serve with corn bread.  Bon Appetite.

                                               For easy pinning

CVS 2 Transactions-95 % Savings on Toiletries

Good Morning dear readers,  I made the run to CVS to get my free toiletries.  I took advantage of the deals on snacks and cereals to get enough ECB'S to get my free toiletries.  I had my quarterly ECB which was $3 and I had $1 from last months trip.  CVS had mega packs of Frosted Flakes and Cheez-its which netted me $6 in ECB's.  I got 2 chips ahoy cookies which gave me $1 ECB.  Here's the breakdown on the first transaction

2-Chips Ahoy cookies @  2/$5
Mega Pack Frosted Flakes @ $8.99
Mega Pack Cheez-its @ $4.99
Onion Dip @  $3.99
Lays Chips @ $4.29  used 25% off coupon on non sale items

total  before sales/coupons/discounts  $31.64         After coupons/sales/discounts  $25.19

2nd Transactions

1-12 pk Angel Soft Tissue $5
3-Bottles Vo5  $1.27 each
1-CVS Mouth Wash @ $3.99

Total before coupons/ECBS  $17.33        After Coupons/sales/ECBS    $1.34   

                                                SAVINGS  95%   

Manager Specials at Savemart

Good Morning dear readers, I got to do some shopping at Save mart.  I was intending on getting clearance meat today but could not find any available.  The sale paper did not have any good deals.  I was pleasantly surprised by the unadvertised deals on meat.  So I stocked up on chicken and pork.  I also got to use the new rewards card from save mart.  If you haven't joined yet its a good deal.  I made 134 points today.  I only spent $34.41, all I need is 300 points for a coupon for $3 off next purchase.  Here's what I got today.

FF Fryer Thighs--$2.94
FF Fryer Drumsticks--$3.36
FF Fryer Leg Quarters--$2.51
Pork Blade Steak--$4.78
Pork Blade Steak MP--$5.95
Pork Sirloin Roast--$4.96
Bagged Chopped Onions-$1.99
Sugar Substitute--$2.29
Soy Sauce--$2.49
Friskies Canned Cheesesaucations Cat Food--$.60

Total Before sale/coupon/discounts $39.56            After Sales O.O.P.  $34.41
                                                                Saved 13 %