Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Refreshing Blue Berry Milk Shake

Good Evening dear readers, well as you know I still have a lot of frozen blue berries in my freezer.  It was easy to find recipes just hard trying to figure out which one we would do next.  Because we are still having warm weather I thought a milk shake was in order and all you need is a pretty milk shake glass and  a blender.  So here's the ingredients you'll need and this recipe was adapted from one found in all me magazine.

a blender
milk shake glass
2 cups french vanilla ice cream
1 cup frozen blue berries
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 cup milk

Place all your ingredients in your blender and set on blend.  Then all you have to do is pour and serve.  Enjoy this refreshing drink.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

First Canvass Collage-Coupon Queen

Good Afternoon dear readers, well here's a fun piece I just finished.  I got a lot of ideas from ronni johnsons collage book.  I used some new techniques for me in this piece.  This piece came about because I am a coupon queen those of you are regular readers already know about my shopping skills.  I decided to use my expired coupons has the background for this piece and then I water coloured part of the canvass.  One part I used the new stencil from amazon and did the trick with the gesso and made raised flowers on the canvass.  This piece kinda reminds me of andy warhol's campbells soup cans.  I used a picture from a magazine for my queen and cardstock paper for her crown.  Frankie my Siamese loves to roll in my coupons so I rubber stamped a cat on the piece.  The vet gave me a  bag when frankie went in for meds and it had paw prints on it. So I cut and glued them on the canvass.  I used paint markers to fill in the letter stencil for Coupon.  I painted some of the gesso flowers with acrylics and the fun part is I colored in around the white gesso flowers with black oil pastels.  Here's the canvass enjoy


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Frankies Corner-Human's and their Schedules

Good Evening dear fur friends,  I'm finally back to my Friday schedule.  Mom's been crazy busy and still is trying to keep to the schedule.  The weather is still making my allergies act up so been confined to the house. I long for the days I could go for my daily walks but alas mom says no way.  Now I know what my boy feels like when he has his allergies.  Can humans give cats allergies?  I will have to check this out my fellow fur friends and prevent this scourge from happening to others.  Have a meowy evening fur friends and humans who love us.  Here's some shots mom took with that new red box thingy can't seem to get this one to work well and I apologize for mom not getting my good side.  For those who love my moms art stuff that will be out later she's playing with it now HUMANS!!!

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Save Mart Shopping Trip-Free Milk and Free Eggs

Good Evening dear readers,  I took advantage of a good deal at Save Mart today.  They had a good deal when you buy 4 items i.e Kellogg's Cereal, Pop tarts, Keebler Cookies you get a free gallon of milk.  Another special they had was purchase 2 spam get free eggs so basically free breakfast.  The melons where .99 today as well.  Also waited for the meat guy and got reduced packages of meat today got to feed those teenagers.  So check your local Save Marts for good deals the sale goes on thru Tuesday of next week.  Here's what I got today.

24 pack Pepsi
2-spam packages
4-Kellogg's pop tarts
1-gallon free milk
1-dozen free eggs
1-Michelina's zappems good deal at $3 for 40 count
1-16 count bar-s corn dogs at $4.99
10- packages of various reduced for quick sale meat

before sales/coupons/discounts  $118.05                   after sales/coupons/discounts $72.15  Saved $45.90
which is 39%

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tips For Buying Reduced Price Meat

Good Morning dear readers,  I wanted to talk about shopping for meat today.  You know the news is full of stories of how the price of beef and pork is going up.  So how do you deal with the rising cost of meat.  Well you need to shop reduced price meat and here's my tips on how to do just that idea.

1.  Find the stores or stores that have the best deal on reduced meat--for me that's Savemart.  Yes, all stores have reduced meat but still don't have good prices.  I refuse to buy a package of meat over $5.

2.  Know when to go for the best deals.  Early in the morning is usually the best except the start of a new sale week.  They are putting out the specials first thing so wait or go the next day.

3.  Sometimes the meat is to far gone and looks off color.  I don't buy those items and let the meat department know it looks bad.

4.  I know this is basic and everyone knows this but freeze immediately when you get home.  Never defrost on the counter(I still know people who do this) always in refrigerator or microwave.

5.  It's always a good idea to have a variety of recipes in your files for the variety of meats you can get on clearance.

My recent trip to Savemart I got 5 packages of Beef and Pork on reduced sale.  This is my savings.

Total before reduction   $29.75                 After reduction  $16.87


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Saturday, August 9, 2014

CVS Shopping Trip- 2 transactions one saving 98%

Good Afternoon dear readers,  I was finally able to get back to CVS.  I did a total of two transactions sorry so late in the sale only get my grocery money on the 9th of the month.  So here's the break down. I took   advantage of the deals on snacks and shampoo.  

1-Kellogg's Fruit Loop @$3.00
2-smaller Kellogg's cereals @$1.99
3-Keebler cookies @$1.99
4-cans Chef Boyardee @.99
1-Splenda 100 count @$2.99
1-Yuban Coffee @$5.99
4-Cases 12 pk Coke

Total before coupons/sales/coupons    $89.71        After coupons/sales/ecbs  O.O.P.  $38.74  Savings 57%
Received $7 in ecbs

2nd Transaction

2-Bottles of Purex 2@6.00
2-vo5 Shampoo 2@1.50
2-Friskies rise and shine cans @.69 each
1-Palmolive dish liquid @.99

Total before coupons/sales/ecbs  $18.76          After coupons/sales/ecbs   O.O.P.   $1.12  Savings 98%

Friday, August 8, 2014

New Art Journal Page-Don't Worry Be Happy

Good Morning dear readers, Finally was able to do a new art journal page.  I had a lot of fun especially with all the new art supplies I got this week.  If you haven't checked your thrift stores for supplies, you really need too.  I got a lot of rubber stamps this week. Amazon is amazing got my stencils and the flower one it was surprising it was huge. I also got the gears/clock work stencil and love it. You'll see it in the page.  Here's what I did this week.  Well July was a rough month dealing with the depression and stress.  I painted my page that lime green for growing things and as a symbol of my mind I stenciled the clockwork piece using sponge brush and ink pad.  Then I rubber stamped flowers because the scents are soothing. I filled one in with paint pens.  I put the bubbles in red ink for thought bubbles because you gotta have thought bubbles.  Because cats are know to reduce stress with their purring I rubber stamped them at the bottom of the page and rubber stamped I love cats.  I colored the cats with oil pastels and paint pens.  Here's the pics of the page and its supplies enjoy.