Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Selfie-Playing Keep Away From Mom

Good morning dear readers and fur friends,  yes mom chased me down and got a photo.  I even went up on top of the fridge and cabinets to get away.  I finally gave in and took this one of me on top of the fridge. I like getting up here because mom's a munchkin and can't reach me.  Boy on the other hand is a giant and can get me down.  So here I am.  

Saturday, May 23, 2015

CVS Trip-Almost Free Toiletries

Good Afternoon dear readers, I did a run to cvs today to get some deals that came in my email.  Note double check when you load your email savings to your card.  I got into the store and proceeded to the coupon machine and the items I had loaded were not printing out at the machine.  I had to have the manager check to see if they were there.  I then did my shopping and checked out. But when I double checked receipt they still were not taken off.  Make friends with your cvs people they are really nice and gave me the money that was not taken off back.  So here's what I got this week.

Store Brand Toilet Paper-$3.99
4-Bottles of  Dawn Dish Soap-$.99 each
2-Tressemmee Shampoo-$4.00 each used $2/1 for each
2-Friskies Rise and Shine can-$.75 each not the price I like to pay but if I don't bring any home their is the wrath of Frankie to deal with as it is he stood by the cart waiting for the cans when I got home.
1-Bottle of Generic Flavored Water

Total before coupons/ecbs/sales $24.69                   After coupons/ecbs/sales  O.O.P.  $3.43

Don't know what percentage because of the mess up with the $5/15 and the $2 skincare ecb.  So almost free.

I'm laying on the cute so give me my can or I start tearing up the house and your glass cats get the claw.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Caturday Art-Toxic purple double vision

Good Morning dear readers, mom got camera happy and one of my photos did not turn out.  It had a weird double vision look to it. Mom decided to play in pizap and see what she could do.

                                              Has you can see I had the double vision

                                                     This was done in an overlay

This was done in the frame of toxic purple.  What do you think of this weeks arted up photo.

If you like the photo you can find it in my zazzle shop at

Thursday, May 21, 2015

A Teachable Money Moment

Good Afternoon dear readers,  has you all know my kids are in their late teens.  There are not a lot of teachable moments I can share but  I came across one today.  If you want to teach young children about saving money start here.  The book "A Chair For My Mother" by Vera B. Williams.  This book tells about a young girl and her family experience a  house fire and have to start all over again.  The mother gets a large jar from her work to put all their change and tips in to save for a chair.  They don't have a lot of furniture after the fire and the little girl wants to get a chair for her mom.  They save their money and go to the store and buy the chair.  A wonderful book showing children the importance of saving money.  What brought this up someone in my apartment complex put out a large jar for anyone to take and kyle got it.  We are putting all are change it and will treat ourselves when its full. So give it a try and give your son or daughter a large jar to save money.

                                               The giant jar is behind the book

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Another Great Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie Using Ground Ginger

Good Morning dear readers,  I picked up a magazine at my last doctors visit.  They had another recipe for a anti-inflammatory smoothie.  The anti-inflammatory agent is surprisingly ground ginger. I did not know ground ginger was an anti-inflammatory agent.  You can find the ginger in the spice aisle at your local grocery store.  This recipe is really easy and I drank it and felt it was going to my bad knee again.  Another added benefit to ground ginger it helps with an upset stomach.  Who knows maybe it will keep the bad side effect from my techfidera from being really bad.  My med causes extreme acid reflux.  I have to take omniprezole to keep it down.  This recipe was altered to fit my families needs. Here's what you'll need to make this smoothie:

1 cup fresh or frozen  strawberries
2 kiwi chopped and peeled
1 cup 2% milk
1tsp ground ginger
4 ice cubes

Pour all ingredients into blender mix well.  Serve in tall glass and enjoy.  Plmk how it worked for you.

Monday, May 18, 2015

It's Zazzle Time with Frankie

Good Morning dear readers,  we finally have opened our zazzle shop.  The shop at this time is arty  and funny photos of Frankie on all kinds of gifts for friends and family.  Here are just a few of the items available.

sunning kitty leave me alone I'm tanning Silver-Colored Square Keychain
sunning kitty leave me alone I'm tanning Silver-Colored Square Keychain by artsylorraine
Browse other Sunning Keychains

These are just a few of the items available.  I'm always adding items every week so come and take a look.  If you see a photo of Frankie you would like to see on an item plmk and I will create it for you.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Caturday Art-Happy Birthday Mommy

Good Morning fellow furrfriends, its my mom's birthday and I have to do a photo.  It's cause I sat on the cake box and almost crushed my moms cake.  I can't help it I likes boxes don't we all.  Anyways boy removed me from the cake box and mom said its a good thing I don't weigh has much as angel Garfield. He weighed 16 lbs the cake would have been a gonner.  So here's my photo with a birthday hat.  Happy Birthday to my mom and everyone else whose day happens to be today. Mom used a water type overlay in picmonkey and the hat from there too. Then put a pizap border on the photo.