Thursday, April 24, 2014

New Frugal Craft-My Spring Wreath

Good Morning dear readers,  I realized I have not made a wreath since  Christmas.  I obtained a lot of supplies and even the wreath form several weeks ago from that great yard sale.  But I was looking for something a little different.  I live in an apartment which as you know most complexes will not let you paint and their walls are almost always white-mine is peach(yuck).  I wanted color some kind to brigthen  up these walls.  Well I was in wal-mart's craft and sewing section and low and behold I found it.  A beautiful roll of blue and white polka dot burlap ribbon this was perfect and not to expensive.  With all the deals I got, it probably cost about $5-$6 to make this wreath.  The burlap being the most expensive item around $3.  It took me about an hour to complete this project. Here's a list of items to make this type of wreath.

wreath form-$.25 at yard sale
snow cone tiles-$.10 each got these from thrift store but I did see some at Joanne's craft store
pink butterfly's-3/$1 at dollar tree
silk flower-$1 for a bunch at yard sale
burlap ribbon-$3? at wal-mart

I wrapped the wreath in the burlap and secured with pins.  Then used Elmer's glue all to place the butterfly's and snow cones on the wreath.  I let sit for a few minutes to hold the items in place.  Tucked the flower in the burlap and there you have a new wreath for spring or summer.  Enjoy the colors and Happy Spring.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New Art Journal Page using collage

Good Morning dear readers,  I finished another page in my journal.  I love doing this form of art, its so freeing.  I used alot of different mediums in this piece.  I prepped the page using gesso.  I painted it using acrylics and used a stencil.  The stencil didn't turn out to good.  I'm using a regular paint brush what does every use for acrylics on stencils plmk?  It looks like Frankie put his paws into it and attempted to help me paint trust me he's tried.  I took pages from a magazine and rubber stamped it and put collage pictures on the page from magazines.  My neighbor gave me card stock, so I rubber stamped it and then cut and glued it to the page and here's the finished product.

                                                     Here's the finished page

                                                  stencils used to create page                    

                                                         Acrylics paint used.

                                                           Card Stock paper used.

                                                    Rubber stamps used to create page

                                                  He thinks he's helping me.

Frankies not so Wordless Wednesday

Good Morning dear readers,  I told Frankie we ran out of canned cat food and you should have heard the meows.  So he's taken to doing this routine when I tell him we are out of canned cat food.  Just wait until he finds out about the new cat food Friskies came out with called Cheesy Creations.  There will be a whole Lotta begging going on.

                                              He lays on  his back with paws in the air please canned cat food.

He tried to get my attention my threatening to sit on my new art journal page. 

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Little Survey

Good Morning dear readers,  the boys are back in school this morning and I can get back to my routine.  I have a question to ask which I did a little survey of a group of ladies while I was in college and their answers where surprising.  Here's the question, after you have left a bad relationship where your partner was a real control freak or not what was the first thing you did to make yourself feel better.  It doesn't have to be major it could be a little thing.  Surprisely the women in the group CUT THEIR HAIR.  Out of about fifteen women 12 cut their hair.  I was one of the hair cutters plus I dyed it bright red.  So what have you done to make yourself feel better after a situation change in your life.  Would love to know.  Oh couple of the anwers were they went back to school.

Can you tell I was medical before I got sick?

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter From Frankie and Family

                         HAPPY EASTER   

                          (Alright mom I posed give me my can)


Friday, April 18, 2014

Frankie's Corner-Do your Cats Dream?

Good Morning dear readers.  Just a few pictures this morning of Frankie.  Frankie's been having bad dreams when he sleeps.  He's doing alot of shaking and twitching in his sleep.  Do your cats dream?  Are they pleasant dreams plmk.  What do you do if they start twitching?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Stress Free Art Journal Page

Good Evening dear readers,  I finished another page in my art journal and I love it.  This is such a fun and wonderful hobby.  You can do anything and it doesn't have to be perfect because it's your work of art. Here's how I created this page.  I had pre-prepped glued pages together.  I put gesso on my composition book page and then painted it with yellow acrylic paint.  I used a stencil with oil crayons. I glued the flower picture which came from a magazine and the angel which was from a card. Then I used studio g ink pad in blue with a flower stamp and stamped all over page.  Then I glued Stress Free to the middle of the page and there you have it.  Okay fellow art journalist what is the book you refer to most when researching tips and techniques?  Would love to hear about your favourite book.