Saturday, October 22, 2016

Caturday Art-Snowshoe Painted Rainbow Kitty

Furbuddies I have finally returned in cased you missed it I had to take over the blog a couple of times.  It has been crazy around here. Spectors have been here and I had to threaten to bite them it was the man who touched my bum.  I grabbed moms phone and was going to call the police for cat abuse if he did it again.  Mom's been running around with new doctors as well and theirs good news.  She doesn't have to be afraid of being in a wheelchair ever again.  She doesn't have MS turns out the original optic neuritis was her viral infection and the white matter was and is migraines.  I here talk of suing original doctor for telling her she couldn't be an epidemiologist and putting her on horrible meds for eight years.  Mom and I got into a fight over the pillow on the bed.  I was lying down and she came in there and made me move.  I came back and head butted her and yowled for her to move(bad on my part for her migraines).  She had boy bring me an extra pillow and now I have my own human type pillow.  We are joining in Athena/Marie Caturday Art Hop so come and check it out.  Here's are entry for this week and if you missed some of the ones I posted by myself here they are again.

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Home/Art Sale at Zazzle up to 50% off use code COZYUPSAVING

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Good Afternoon dear readers, Zazzle is having a great sale this weekend and  you can get some great buys up to 50% off in my store artsylorraine.  The sale ends on monday October 24th so make sure you check it out.  Here's some of the things you can get.

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snowshoe stunning kitty poster
snowshoe stunning kitty poster
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snowshoe the wave kitty wood wall decor
snowshoe the wave kitty wood wall decor
by artsylorraine

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snowshoe kitty in the red roses serving tray
snowshoe kitty in the red roses serving tray
by artsylorraine

This gives you an idea of whats in the shop for the sale come and check it out at artsylorraine and if you see something and its not on the product you want send me an email.  Thats what someone did well she saw the photos at dreamscope and asked for the poster life like kitty who knew frankie had a twin named frankie. Two snowshoes named frankie it gives me a headache don't get them together it would be a disaster.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The vintage teacup club review

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Good Morning dear readers, Frankie's taking a rest today and letting me work. Has  you know I love teacups and how delicate they look and feel.  When I saw this book I just had to have it and it turned out to be a great read.   What really stands out about this book is the friendships that develops between the 3 main women characters.  They are brought together because they all want the same vintage teacup set and decide to share it. One wants the teacup for her wedding to make it unique, another is a wedding planner who wants to use it in a wedding as well and one that stood out for me wants to make it into a teacup candle(yes I'm still figuring out mine). They end up sharing more then the teacup they share their ups and downs in there lives and its makes for a heart warming read. So if you like a blend of drama, romance and humor this book is for you. Be sure and check it out on amazon.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

New crafting haul

Good Morning furbuddies, I said I would help mom post and here's one of the thrifting hauls.  This haul is all about upcycling and crafts.  Mom loves playing with all that stuff.  She found this jar filled with broken jewelry and beads this is going to be used on the iron picture frame.

This is a great find and only cost $2.  Moms going to use it on the frame as well as the teacup candle projects which hopefully will be soon.

 This unpainted box was a great find with the amber colored rhinestones in the corners.  Mom is going to possibly stain it and she found some rhinestone stickers in the shape of an owl.  That will be really cool and possible line it will some fabric or even decorator duck tape.

There are a lot of Terra cotta pots crafts in the blogosphere. I even saved pin on boards of making an angel.  Moms even looking into making a witch for Halloween.  We will have to see.

There will be more posts later. Mom has the inspectors here today and I'M NOT HAPPY. I've threatened to bite them if they touch me.  Zen Hugs and Purrrs my buddies.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Man cat monday-phone thief

Furbudies I'm doing this in secret mom is running around like a chicken with out a head.  So I stole her phone to keep her from making any more appointments.  I want her to get back to regular blog post even it means I have to write them for her.  So there will be a thrifting haul soon if I don't get caught.  It's a shame I can't cook the pull apart bread she's got written down I'd do that too.  Here's some arty photos including me has a witch for Halloween.  Sending Zen Hugs and Purrs your way. Oh I heard mom say to describe how she sees things when having a migraine check out the alien on Battleship. After he takes off his helmet that's what she sees when having one of her headaches.

                                                    I can master this tech thingy.

                                                Am I scary enough.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Early caturday art-Snowshoe Wave Kitty

Good morning fur buddies, mom finally got the dreamscope app working. So we played and made this cool picture. Mom is still learning this tablet thingy. I've been able to walk on my leash and that was nice. Here's my photos Enjoy and check out what you can do with your photos.

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Friday, September 30, 2016

testing testing Frankie's corner

Good morning furbuddies been MIA.  Mr. computer died this week.  Mom has been scrambling to fix and finally ended up buying this tablet thingy. All in all very exhausting work has you can see I'm all Tuckered out.

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