Saturday, February 28, 2015


Good Morning dear readers,  we are now on the recipe sharing site yummly.  So if you like what you see please hit the yumm button on the far right. Thanks for all the help.

Caturday Art-Frankies in the Stars

Good morning dear readers,  sorry for the delay in posting had problems this week.  I didn't think I would have anything today because the camera broke.  But I have a lot of Frankie's photos some not so good and I decided to participate in the Caturday Art Hop.  This is a really fun idea where you can take photos that are blurry and not so great and make them fun and interesting.  Sorry did not have the original before it was changed.  This was a blurry photo I just loaded to picmonkey.  You can chose any background or texture and it gives it some interest.  I chose the stars for our first attempt at caturday art.  Here's the little nut.

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Monday, February 23, 2015

The Decision

Good Morning dear readers,  well this is the week Conor starts independent study.  This is the best solution to his continued problems with health and school attendance.  I was really surprised at all the alternatives that are available.  If you are low income and your district offers it you can do independent study.  This is the option Conor and I chose to do.  He meets with a tutor 1 day a week and does work at home 4-5 hours a day in his room.  If you do this program your son/daughter has to have a quiet place to study.  We moved the roll top desk into his room and provided a nice chair(Frankie's favorite unfortunately) with lighting.  Don't worry about the p.e. component of school he will keep a log of walking daily and that will count for his p.e.   Some of the other programs out there are as follows:

1.  Home Schooling where the parent is basically the teacher

2.  Diploma plus High School-basically small school type setting helping struggling kids age 15 years or older with academic and life skills plus they get work experience and college credits.

3.  Continuing Education it offers a flexible schedule for at risk kids age 15 or older. They have to be in school 3 hours a day or 15 hours a week.  This program helps them graduate and offers job counseling.

4.  Home and Hospital- Program for kids with health issues that cannot be in school.  This is a short term program for 6-8 weeks depending on kids involved.  Conor was actually on this program for year and did okay.  We did not want to do this again.  The tutor comes to your home and spends 2-3 hours with your son/daughter 3 times a week.

These are just a few of the programs out there if your considering alternatives for your kids schooling.

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Frankies Corner-Sunday Selfies

Morning my meowy friends, mom said I had to do a selfie has penance for smearing her art page.  She gets a little upset because I run across her lap when she's drawing in her book.  Geesh! then I have to get a bath because she says I have gel paint on my paws.  Well here's the photos from the red box thingy.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Dreaming of the Sun Fruit Smoothie

Good Morning dear readers, these past few weeks it seems I end up posting on the weekends. I've been trying to get back to a schedule and after this weeks appointments we should be back to normal. Everyone it seems is still in ice storms and that's all I here in the news.  I wanted to remind everyone of warmer times with this lovely recipe from the dole people.  They sent a nice packet full of recipe and other things.  I have yet to cook all of the recipes this is just the second one I've tried.  The good thing about this recipe its user friendly and you can change to your tastes still getting the health benefits of the bromeline(anti-inflammatory agent found in pineapples).  I obviously adapted it to my tastes I'm not a fan of vanilla yogurt. So here's what you'll need:

1 can tropical fruit 
1 cup yogurt-I used strawberry
1 cup pineapple juice
1 fresh banana or you can use frozen fruits 

Put in your blender with some ice and mix.  Very easy drink up and dream of summer.

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Savemart Lent/Meat Sale

Good Morning dear readers, I was able to get to save mart again and take advantage of some good deals.  They have the 5/$25 sale going on which is composed of fish/seafood products.  The other part of the sale includes items like pre-prepared chicken, fresh chicken max packs, Rosina meatballs and corn dogs for $5.99 each.  Also when your in the stores look for unadvertised deals called managers specials got some good deals on pit roasts. I've never cooked pit roast before but looks good to make sliders in the crock pot.  So here's what I got-got to feed those teenagers who eat like NFL Line Backers.

For the 5/$25
1 Bag Fish Sticks
2 Bags of Precooked Shrimp
2-Mahi Mahi Steaks

For the $5.99 deals
1-Foster Farms Corn Dogs
1-Foster Farms Ground Turkey 2 lbs
1-Max Pack Foster Farms Thighs/Drumsticks

Other deals 
1 Boston Butt @ $1.99 lb paid $6.11
2-Packages of Pork Loin Chops less then $5 each

Reduced for Quick Sale
London Broil Steak
2-Pit Roast 
Sirloin Steak Ball Tip

keebler cookies @ $2 each
3 little pies @ .89 each better then hostess can never find at walmart

I always make it a point never to pay over $5 for the reduced meat and it must be more then a lb want to get has much as I can.

Before sales/coupons/ discounts  $120.66            After sales/coupons/discount O.O.P.   $82.34

This is a Savings of  32%

Sunday, February 15, 2015

It's In the Pink Art Page

Good Morning dear readers, finally finished this page.  It took me awhile because the angel stamp didn't come out very well.  But I filled it in with some nice colors especially pink.  This page takes care of two prompts Balzer designs pattern prompt with my Angel Stamp and Journal 52 silhouette prompt.  I love the angel stamp because it reminds me of a friend who has passed away who told me I was surrounded by angels(she was psychic).  The though of Angels always makes me feel good when I"m having a bad day.  I got to play with a lot of different pens-gel pens, colored pencils and oil pastels were used on the angels.  Love the glitter gel so cool.  I used pink oil pastel around my angels.  I love this stamp I found at Tuesday Morning  Pink not just a color it's an attitude.  Then I found my silhouette in the free magazine in Folsom and of course she was in pink.  I colored around her in pink oil pastel.  Then glued collage elements of  YOU WILL-most likely succeed.  Enjoy your day may your hands be covered in creativity.