Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Coffee Lovers Get A Load Of This!!!!

Good morning fellow Foodie Lovers its Wednesday and time for Murder Mystery Food.  Today's recipe comes from Cleo Coyle's Through the Grinder-A Coffeehouse Mystery. It's an unusual recipe I've never done this before, but I love coffee. So, I'll try it with anything.  Unfortunately the boys are not to keen on the idea.  So, I'm doing a steak and eggs breakfast deal to try this out and they get theirs later.  I don't mind making something different because it's Conor's Fifteenth Birthday today.  If you like murder mysteries with a  little bit of information, you'll like the Coffeehouse Mysteries.  Besides a good mystery it includes some coffee facts, things you didn't know about coffee. The books have excellent and knowledgeable characters with recipes. This recipe has been adapted to fit my families needs. So here we go with the recipe.

                   Put 2 to 4 of your favorite steaks in a pan (T-bone, Rib Eye or Sirloin) pour strongly brewed coffee over them completely covering meat (you need to use a South American blend of coffee for acidic level, I used Folgers Colombian Coffee).  Marinate for at least 8 hours overnight if possible.  Cook in a cast iron skillet or in the broiler( I used my Teflon pan and it was fine).

It turned out great steak and eggs with lots of my coffee.  Oh Conor says, it taste good mom.  That's surprising because his brother can't stand anything coffee.  So coffee lovers give this a try.

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