Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Where to Find Good Vintage Jewelry

Good Morning all,  I wanted to share my love of vintage jewelry and tell you how you can find beautiful pieces for pennies on the dollar.  I'm a firm believer if you get into a hobby you learn everything you can about it. The local library has a lot of good books on vintage jewelry collecting.  I have a tendency to haunt antique stores and one in particular had a woman who was the go to gal for jewelry.  Every time I would go in there she and I would talk. She would show me pieces and tell me how to take care of the jewelry.  If you look at something enough, you get a feel for it.  You come to recognize certain designers from certain eras.  First off, check the newspapers or craigslist for the local yard and estate sales.  You don't just pick any yard sale.  You look for the ones that say words like 20 years accumulation or estate sale clearing out whole house.  Look for yard sales in the more affluent areas of town.  This is where you are more likely to find some good vintage pieces for a good price.  Also check out the American Cancer Society thrift stores, they have an annual jewelry sale which includes vintage pieces. You can also check out consignment stores and other thrift stores.  I found a Mexican silver cat one time that looked like a Laurel Burch cat pin. I sold it to my jewelry store friend.  When you find pieces check for marks and dates on them.  You can then look them up online to see what you've got.  Also check for broken parts and missing pieces these can be repaired.  Get to looking this coming weekend and see what you find.  Here's some pictures on what I've been able to find

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