Friday, January 1, 2016

Stress Reduction-Why a Coloring Book?

Good Morning dear readers, do you remember when  you were a kid and could just color for hours without a care in the world?  Well it turns out its really good for you. In fact its  the new hot trend-Adult Coloring Books.  But why is it good for you.  Has you know I have mental health issues dealing with anxiety/stress. I find when I color my mind is not on replay.  I'm not constantly going over the days events or stressing about tomorrow.  Coloring allows you to de-stress and think about the art.  Your slowing down and finally able to let it go.  It also helps you get ready to sleep.  Also working with certain colors helps enhance your mood.  For example yellow is a happy color.  Here's my first page I'm working on and its really helping me.

I think the more intricate the page the better. Still not sure what  you want, here's some of the ones I got has gifts this year.

                                        The flower lady came from this one found at Wal-mart.

                                          I got this from the Church Christmas Mall.

                                            Target has some really intricate coloring books.

I also got an assortment of coloring pencils from artist loft and really love the face colors that are in the box.  I finally get the right facial tones can't wait to try drawing with these colors.

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