Sunday, June 5, 2016

June Yard Sale Finds

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Good morning dear readers, sorry been M.I.A. had some more health issues come up.  Hopefully next weeks neuro appointment will take care of everything. The ER doc did increase my aspirin blood thinner dose and that seems to be helping until the appointment.  Okay back to thrifting had a lot of fun.  Found some neat stuff great for  reselling and upcycling.  I went to a yard sale last week and found a lovely brooch.  It is missing a little pearl that's okay it can be fixed.  I know a lady who fixes jewelry and I learn a lot from her booth.

I was able to hit another yard sale this weekend and it had some cool stuff.  I've been wanting to play with a birdhouse again and I found one yesterday just perfect for upcycling.  I loved my steampunk birdhouse maybe I can add a little bling to this one.  Here's my other birdhouses

 I was looking around on etsy and saw these lovely vases that were modpodge. They looked really cool so I found this bottle and will upcycle to a form of modpodge.  You know those bottles you find at Halloween that say poison that comes to mind for this project.

 I also found some lovely Christmas ornaments and great book cooks to try some new recipes.

Keep checking those yard sales you never know what you'll find.

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