Saturday, June 6, 2015

Caturday Art-Mixed Medium Kitty

Good Morning dear readers,  mom was so busy this week she didn't even get to do a hug your cat post.  So this is a combo post hug your cat and Athena's cat art blog hop day.  Mom was running around so much she had to pull a photo from the files to use today.  I sure hope she gets them VA people to get their act together, so she can get her disability and no more running around.  I get mad when she says she's going to the VA cause I know she's gonna be gone all day and I have to human sit with the boys.  They get into trouble when moms not around so I have to supervise them.  To quote mom TEENAGERS!   Well here's my art post have a meowy day and zen hugs to all my fur buddies.

Here's the original post

                                        Used a water overlay and the blue tones in picmonkey

Then went to pizap and used pink lemon aide overlay.  
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