Monday, February 23, 2015

The Decision

Good Morning dear readers,  well this is the week Conor starts independent study.  This is the best solution to his continued problems with health and school attendance.  I was really surprised at all the alternatives that are available.  If you are low income and your district offers it you can do independent study.  This is the option Conor and I chose to do.  He meets with a tutor 1 day a week and does work at home 4-5 hours a day in his room.  If you do this program your son/daughter has to have a quiet place to study.  We moved the roll top desk into his room and provided a nice chair(Frankie's favorite unfortunately) with lighting.  Don't worry about the p.e. component of school he will keep a log of walking daily and that will count for his p.e.   Some of the other programs out there are as follows:

1.  Home Schooling where the parent is basically the teacher

2.  Diploma plus High School-basically small school type setting helping struggling kids age 15 years or older with academic and life skills plus they get work experience and college credits.

3.  Continuing Education it offers a flexible schedule for at risk kids age 15 or older. They have to be in school 3 hours a day or 15 hours a week.  This program helps them graduate and offers job counseling.

4.  Home and Hospital- Program for kids with health issues that cannot be in school.  This is a short term program for 6-8 weeks depending on kids involved.  Conor was actually on this program for year and did okay.  We did not want to do this again.  The tutor comes to your home and spends 2-3 hours with your son/daughter 3 times a week.

These are just a few of the programs out there if your considering alternatives for your kids schooling.

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