Friday, February 20, 2015

Savemart Lent/Meat Sale

Good Morning dear readers, I was able to get to save mart again and take advantage of some good deals.  They have the 5/$25 sale going on which is composed of fish/seafood products.  The other part of the sale includes items like pre-prepared chicken, fresh chicken max packs, Rosina meatballs and corn dogs for $5.99 each.  Also when your in the stores look for unadvertised deals called managers specials got some good deals on pit roasts. I've never cooked pit roast before but looks good to make sliders in the crock pot.  So here's what I got-got to feed those teenagers who eat like NFL Line Backers.

For the 5/$25
1 Bag Fish Sticks
2 Bags of Precooked Shrimp
2-Mahi Mahi Steaks

For the $5.99 deals
1-Foster Farms Corn Dogs
1-Foster Farms Ground Turkey 2 lbs
1-Max Pack Foster Farms Thighs/Drumsticks

Other deals 
1 Boston Butt @ $1.99 lb paid $6.11
2-Packages of Pork Loin Chops less then $5 each

Reduced for Quick Sale
London Broil Steak
2-Pit Roast 
Sirloin Steak Ball Tip

keebler cookies @ $2 each
3 little pies @ .89 each better then hostess can never find at walmart

I always make it a point never to pay over $5 for the reduced meat and it must be more then a lb want to get has much as I can.

Before sales/coupons/ discounts  $120.66            After sales/coupons/discount O.O.P.   $82.34

This is a Savings of  32%

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