Monday, June 9, 2014

Teens Ready To Work Part II

     Good Afternoon dear readers,  This is a follow up post to one I did last summer.  Last summers post was finding professional clothing for teens first job.  This post covers some other essentials for the job hunt.  This is close to home because my son kyle just graduated from high school and is looking for part time work before he goes to college.  These are probably no brainer tips but just something to think about when looking for work for the first time.

     First off,  a really good haircut is a necessity.  Hair nicely combed and not odd colors.  Young men should be clean shaven or if have a beard nicely trimmed.  Young ladies nicely trimmed and combed.  If you wear make-up should be understated not garish and loud.  A good pair of nice dress shoes don't have to be high heeled for the ladies.  It would be best to try and find a pair in black and brown no open toed.  Young men should have a good belt in black and brown no baggy pants.  Young ladies I know its hot but believe me managers notice when you don't wear stockings-so wear stockings.  I know a lot of clothes are permanent press and don't need an iron but invest in one anyways you never know.
     Second, a good portfolio or small briefcase to carry resumes and other essentials.  This gives a more professional look.  In that briefcase keep  notebook and pens.  Jobs notice if you don't bring your own pen to fill out applications.  A good stack of resumes on resume paper.  You can buy a pack at Wal-mart with envelopes included. 
     Third,  some really good books with examples of resumes and cover letters and most definitely have someone proof read your resumes before sending out.  Designate a separate email just for jobs and if they don't have a cell phone get them one so they don't miss any calls.  Also check those clothing banks,  I checked the local one this past week and I asked them about suits they were kept separate and you had to ask to get them.  I got two brand new suits for kyle's job hunt.  Hope this helps find those jobs good luck everyone.

Here's the original post from last summer:

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