Thursday, June 5, 2014

new mixed media birdhouse easy for kids

Good Afternoon dear readers, I wanted to play with another birdhouse.  This time I put all kinds of mixed media on it.  I painted it with vanilla ice cream acrylic paint color and blue and purple acrylic paint.  Then one side I mod podged some paper on the back and then used acrylic paint pen and stenciled a flower on it.  I put washi tape on the base of the birdhouse then I duck taped the sides.  Then I glued on embellishments all over the birdhouse.  This was a real fun project the kids can even make one themselves. Here's the pics of the birdhouse enjoy.

                                                          Finished product with embellishments

                                                      painted with white paint

                                                    mod podge page and then painted stencil                                                                                                                  

                                                         Decorated duck tape

                                                        Glued on flower embellishments

                                                        mirror and flower pot embellishments

                                                      washi tape around the base of the birdhouse

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