Monday, June 2, 2014

Frankie the music critic

Good Morning dear readers,  before Conor went on his trip he was  playing with Frankie.  Conor can get Frankie to do anything.  We found out early on Frankie is a music critic.  If he doesn't like the music he lets you know immediately.  I have a connecting wall in my apartment that we can here our neighbors and my neighbors son plays guitar.  Frankie was sitting on the bed chillin listening to the music and I come in there and decide to turn on the radio.  Oh boy he was not happy, the tail was lashing and I got such a dirty look.  I'm like okay, okay I'll turn off the radio.  I personally like opera Frankie doesn't.  I had my opera CD on and Frankie walks into the bedroom and tail starts lashing and gives me a look of disgust and walks out. Luckily he and I both like Barbara Streisand and we watch the special on PBS yesterday.  Do your dogs or cats like music and do they let you know?


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