Monday, September 16, 2013

Birthdays How Did The Celebration Get Started?

Happy Birthday to you,  Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Kyle, Happy Birthday to you and many more. Obviously today is my son Kyle's birthday.  It's his 18th birthday.  A milestone in a kids life where they are officially adults.  We have a quiet celebration with family only.  We have the traditional cake, ice cream and we like sparkling apple cider as our go to holiday drink.  How do you celebrate birthdays in your house? Is it a quiet celebration or a big party with all the trimmings?  Ever wonder where it all began.  This big shebang of parties celebrating birthdays.
The  Germans are given credit for having started what they called kinder fest or birthday parties.  I like the fact it's called celebrating your name day.  The day you got your name.  Because if you think about it birthdays also help us celebrate rites of passages as we are growing up.  We go through phases of school as we age.  We learn to drive a car when we're 16.  We graduate from high school into adulthood.  We go off to college and start our own lives.  It's our own personal calender of our events that no one else experiences.  It helps keep the journal of our lives intact and we can pass it on.  Do we still celebrate when we've been through it all or is it a quiet experience?  What do you do when the the family is all grown?  Do you still celebrate your birthday?

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