Sunday, November 3, 2013

What Makes You Happy

Good Morning all, I'm still getting a feel for how the blog post are going to go.  Mondays will still have an occasional health related post, but I'm loving the freedom to be creative with the post about parenting and anything related to my family.  I hope you all continue to like the mix of my Hodge Podge life on Mondays.  So on to today's post.  Here are five things that make me happy. Feel free to share 5 things that make you happy. I've added a comment box to the blog for those of you who are not on google+.  So please feel the freedom to share.  When I think of things that make me happy I think of the Julie Andrews song bright copper kettles, warm woolen mittens etc.  You get the picture.  Let your mind flow with it.

1.  My kids make me happy.  I'm a single parent and proud of it because I was in a very bad relationship and  had to get out.  I think I'm doing a good job.

2.  My blog makes me happy.  I have the freedom to be creative and share what I know and hopefully help other people with their issues.   

3.  Would you believe I love Thunderstorms.  The sound and fury of a storm in all its glory actually is very relaxing to me.  

4.  Sharing a good meal with family and friends making memories.

5.  Being creative, I've started doing little crafts around the house.  Thanks to all the blogs I read I've been inspired.  I even have a dream board.  But what I really love is dream boards have gone digital with pinterest and this makes it so easy to get really creative.

Those are the basics for me now what about yours?  

Still having problems with the buttons so here's my links and  Posting a little early taking frankie to the vet still has that wheezing going on.
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