Friday, November 22, 2013

Small Trip to Walgreens

Good Morning all,  I know its been awhile since I've posted a shopping trip.  I'm trying to get back on track after people and pets having health issues.  Plus the key to a good shopping trip is getting and organizing your coupons. Still working on this one even bribing the kids to help.  Quick questions what is the best way to save on ink for printer give some clues please.  I've run out of ink for the printer again.  Would love some comments and feedback.  So here's what I got not to bad.

Maxwell house  on sale for  $2.99     with a savings of  $2.50
2 packages of Nabisco chips ahoy for $5 use 2 $1/1  plus sale savings $3.98
1 package of kings Hawaiian sweet rolls at $2.99 used store coupon $.50
2 cans butterball chicken broth 2/$1  used coupon saved $.98
2 can hunts tomato sauce 2/$1 used coupon saved $.98
nice mince onion bottle $.79  used coupon save $1.10
2 circus peanuts 2 @$.99 each
1 bottle Dr pepper ten $1.79

Total O.O.P.  $15.59                      Saved $12.04  savings of    44%

Will also be hitting Save mart some great deals for Thanksgiving Dinner.  So come back and check it out.  Have a new comment box, so please send some comments would love your feedback.

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