Monday, November 11, 2013

x-mas decorations thrifting haul

Okay everyone I'm doing this a little early.  I hit up my favourite thrift store looking for thanksgiving decorations but not a one was in site.  I feel like they jump from Halloween to x-mas and just skip over thanksgiving.  So any ways found some lovely items for a possible table scape really getting into table
scapes.  I like the fact they are easy to do.  Only problem I have with them is Frankie thinks they're new toys.  So here's what I got and it didn't cost an arm and a leg.

little x-mas tree with gingerbread men-$2
smaller tree-$1
snowman with gingerbread man-$.50
teapot with gingerbread men-$1
thanksgiving turkey trivet-$.25  actually found this a week ago

It seems I will be doing something with gingerbread men since its the theme of the items I got.  Also noticed when in hospice they had a cabinet full of crafting supplies i.e. ribbons, pipe cleaner, patterns and many other items.  I will be going back. So here's the pics enjoy.  Oh for those of you wondering Frankie is fine now. He's running around at top speed, finished his meds today and got the okay from the vet to give him a bath.  

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