Sunday, January 15, 2017

Caturday Art-Snowshoe Dreaming of the Stars Kitty

Good Morning dear furbuddies, its that time again and we're not too late.  Mom blames the tech not transferring the photos to google from the tablet she said she hit the button but it didn't work. Well anyways we are here.  Oh she blames the new meds that mess with her memory.  Yes mom we've heard it before you need a scheduler hoomans.  If  I wasn't around what would she do? It's still pretty cold outside and boy is letting me (I gave him the look and whine) have the star wars blanket heated of course. So what are you doing to stay warm?  Do many of you have those fireplace I've heard about? I can't wait to get one of those cozy spots.  We took the photo with said blanket and used the kitty in space app on dreamscope so appropriate.  We hope you enjoy it have a safe and warm Sunday.

                                                This was conor's favourite so we added it

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