Saturday, September 24, 2016

Caturday Art-Snowshoe Deep Tones Kitty

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Good Morning furbuddies,  its been a busy week.  Mom has started working on selling on eBay.  She's been working on getting the photos just right. I've had to put my paw down and get very vocal for some attention.  Conor went back to school and its been very quiet.  I make sure he loves on me when he gets home.  The scary holidays are coming and its not safe for my fellow black cats.  What do you do on the Scary Holiday.  Are you kept in your carrier or do you stay in a quiet room.  I take over the bedroom but mom says we don't get a lot of kids at our door.  Oh and mom makes sure all the yummy cellophane wrappers are put away.  She calls me a cellophane junkie. I can't help myself it tastes so yummy.  We are joining in Athena/Maries Caturday Art hop and here's are entry. Have a safe week zen hugs and purrrs.

                                                  DREAMSCOPE in The Blues 

                                                   Enlarged in Picmonkey using HDR

                                         Original Photo Frankie poses for Conor very well

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