Saturday, May 21, 2016

Caturday Art-Snowshoe Praying Kitty

Good Morning furbuds, its caturday art day.  We are joining athena cat goddess art hop.  This is the hop where you turn your bad photos into art.  It's alot of fun playing with the different editing programs. You should check it out.  Moms been running around again with doctors appointments and getting ready for more inspections.  So far everythings okay with her.  She's got another exam on monday and she's going to see her neurologist.  Keep your fingers crossed.  She made me mad today.  She's trying to paint to relax and didn't have newspapers. God forbid she took one of my bags and cut it up.  I wanted to lay inside it and she said no.  Then I wanted to lay on the pretty colored canvass and that got a no. What's a kitty to do?  When you have a mom who wont let you have any fun.  Well we just played in picmonkey today. Here they are check them out.

                                                 Frosted edges with HDR

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