Saturday, April 23, 2016

Yard Sale Season Has Begun

Good Morning dear readers,  I found a yard sale near the house.  I went with the intention of trying to get some trade books for the Big National Book Store Day(I'll have a separate post about this later).  I was able to find some other really nice things without spending alot of money. So here's what I got for about $6. This post may contain affiliate links see disclosure in footer.

                                      This is just a lovely foot stool that's great for your arthritis.

                              This is going to be an upcycling project. I think I will paint it a nice blue color.

       I haven't done much in the altered book art. This book will get me started back doing it again.

So check out those yard sales a lot of good deals to be had.  I also picked up 16 books at this yard sale and will be trading them at the local bookstore.  Have a great day.

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