Friday, April 29, 2016

National Independent Bookstore Day

Good Morning dear readers,  Saturday is going to be one of my favourite days of the year besides holidays.  It's National Independent Bookstore Day and what does that mean-SALES.  Lots and Lots of lovely books will be available for the taking.  My local independent store (Dimples) is having a B1G1F starting today through Sunday.  But I've been told this is a national event at all Indie stores.  So you need to check your stores to see what they're doing for the event.  Here's some tips to get the most bang for your buck.

1.  Bring trade books and get store credit to help get more books

2.  If they have a frequent buyer card i.e. stamp card when you have 10 stamps get free book up to $10.

3.  If you have swag bucks cash them in for bookstore or visa saves money.

4.  Take recycling in and get cash.

That's it for now enjoy your books.

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