Monday, July 29, 2013

Healthy Relationships

I walked up to a group of middle schoolers and I said to them "Your Stupid and You Can't Do Anything Right".  If someone said that to you how would that make you feel?  Their responses were that it's  not good.  Then I said What if It was your Boyfriend or Girlfriend who said that to you?  It's not okay for people who say they love you to turn round and call you names.  It's called verbal abuse. This is an early warning sign of an unhealthy relationship.  Domestic abuse is on the rise and teens and children need to learn what a healthy relationship is all about.  Abuse is not just physical, it's also verbal and emotional.  Verbal and emotional abuse are more damaging then physical.  It takes the psyche along time to heal. I think if we taught teens how to recognize a bad relationship, their would be a lot less abuse out there. Here are some Red Flags you need to watch out for in relationships and this applies to anybody not just teens.

1. You've only been together a short period of time and he/she's already talking long term.
2. You've set boundaries but he/she ignores them.
3. Constantly jealous and accuses you of being with other people.
4.  Frequently calls, emails or texts you throughout the day.  This is a sign of a controlling personality run for the hills.
5.  Does not take responsibility for own actions blames other people.
6.  Constantly tries to change you by saying something makes you look fat or not right. Calls you names and belittles you to make you into their ideal person.  This is a control freak, run.
7.  Tries to isolate you from family and friends.
8.  Wants you to spend all of  your time with him and not have other interests.
9.  Ultimately you start to feel uneasy around this person and afraid.

When you are in a relationship take it slow and never rush through things. You need to get to know this person find out about them through family and friends.  Pay attention to the little things. They do add up and tell you a lot about the person. These are just some tips that I wish I had when I was younger. Everybody smile and have a good day get past the negativity.

Their is someone out there who will say to you one day.

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