Saturday, September 3, 2016

Caturday Art-Snowshoe Cherry Blossom Kitty

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Good Morning fur buddies another week has gone by.   I've been informed by the mom boy will be going back to regular school no more independent study.  It has helped him get his math up there but not much else.  So he's going to try another school that will help him get his diploma plus get an associates degree in entrepeurship (whatever that is).  All I know is he wont be here to love on me when I want him too.  Mom's always working on stuff.  Her craft stuff and photo stuff get in the way of my petting sessions.  I thought I'd help her yesterday with her haunted birdhouse.  I ended up getting a bath cause I got orange paint on my paws.  I just wanted to paint the birdie house too.  You see she gets mad.  Then I wanted to play with the pretty pearl beads for her tea cup craft that got a dirty look.  She says when we get a house their will be a craft room with a door and no one will bother her.  I'll just sit their and yowl until she opens the door.  Check out the collage thats going on the birdhouse its called bone jet named after a singer called Joan Jett.  Well here's the photos for Athenas hop hope you enjoy them have a great labor day weekend

                                Cherry Blosson in Dreamscope it highlights his stuffy nose from his allergies      

                                                                    Straw using Dreamscope

                                                         Using Picmonkey HDR

                                                                    original photo

Here's bone jet which will be on the birdhouse when its done come back and check it out

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