Saturday, September 17, 2016

Caturday Art-Snowshoe Shades of Fall Colors Kitty

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Good Morning my fur buddies, its been crazy around here.  I'm hearing my boy is going back to semi-regular school and wont be home so much.  That means no more morning lap petting where I jump into his lap and demand to be petted. I do not like change and mom knows this and yet she does it to me again.  Mom scared me last week.  She was on the talky box a lot and that is not normal.  She's only on it when she calls those screaming van people.  She saw my look and said no Frankie no ambulance just my new appointment.  Yes that means I will be at the VA a long time.  I hate the VA mom they keep you a long time and I want my MOMMY!!!!  Hoomans need to understand do not leave us for long periods of time.  My friends do you have this problem with your hoomans and staff plmk.  How do you punish them? I need a new technique to try on mom.

                                                      Used Starburst in Dreamscope

                                                        Black Edges and HDR in Picmonkey

                                                          Original Photo

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