Monday, June 27, 2016

Women's Empowerment Thrifting Haul

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Good Morning dear readers,  I love thrifting and there is another store nearby my house.  It's another nonprofit store. They get their items from estate sale donations and have some really cool stuff.  I went back to get this candle stick, tea cup and anything that stuck my fancy.

 I love the tea cups and getting a bunch to do that teacup candle craft.  This one had a chip on the top which can be covered by the bling. So sometime soon will have the teacup candles to show you.

This was so cute its a tin bank by hallmark. Not sure how old it is will have to look it up. Love all the woodland animal scenes they really stand out and make it look cute.

This was so nice and will make a great project. Sorry the pic is blurry. Conor has started sanding it down.  It will get a nice coat of paint and some bling has well love all the crafting.

What have you found in your hauls and are you giving them an upcycle would love to know.

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