Monday, June 6, 2016

June Thrift Store 1/2 off sale

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Good Morning dear readers,  I had a lovely time at the 1/2 off sale.  I found a lot of fun items.  Some items I'm going to need your help to figure out what they are all about.  I went in search of craft items, books and nick nacks.  I think I did pretty good only spent $10.  The first item I found is this cup with a side pocket on it.  Theirs a little knob on the handle.  Not sure what it is can you help. I need to get more books.

I think I scored really well with this next item.  I found these two little dolls.  They look like some I found on etsy called singing waif dolls.  They have some damage on their hands.  I will have to see if they can be repaired.

                                            This is part of a pair other photos didn't turn out

This is a really pretty bottle I found.  This one might be upcycled and decorated.  

These two cuties are going into the cat collection.  I have to put these away pretty fast frankie hates anything that looks like another cat.  He's so jealous he's broken a few of my other pieces.

Here's some more books I found love the craft ones.  I also found one about painting on glass and ceramic bottles.  This is really good to read about some new crafts.  I also found some more murder mystery books.

Happy thrifting enjoy your days.

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