Friday, June 24, 2016

Crafter's Beware

Good Afternoon my fellow crafters, I'm here to warn you of a crafting thief.  We careful what you leave out.  Someone might decide it belongs to him.  You might find yourself in a battle of  wills. The battle of wills between human and feline.  A certain teenager borrowed my galvanized tub and instead of using it for what he said he was he put things in it.  He put Frankie's blanket inside it.  The next thing we know he's claimed it and wont get out of it.  I actually get to sleep at night with no cat-he's in the tub.  Here's the evidence.

                                                      You think I'm giving this up think again
                                                             Mine, Mine all mine

                                           Don't try anything funny I know where you sleep.

Lock up all your crafts you never know who will claim them.

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