Monday, June 20, 2016

Drink Up Watermelon Smoothie

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Good Morning dear readers, it's that time of year were its really hot.  Sorry for stating the obvious but everyone needs to make sure they get enough to drink.  Staying hydrated is very important especially since we are hitting the hundred degree weather in alot places. I am guilty of reaching for the coffee instead of the water.  So making it easier for all of us myself included. I decided to make a new smoothie recipe with a fruit full of water  I love watermelon and it is definitely full of water.  I love making smoothies so here is the new recipe to enjoy.  This is a blender recipe so drag that puppy out and get ready to chop and blend.

chopped watermelon
cup of strawberry ends cut off
cup of sunny d original flavor add more if needed

Put chopped watermelon in blender pour in sunny d.  Blend and then add strawberries and chop and blend until smooth.  Pour over ice in nice glasses and your done.

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