Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Frugal Easy Kid Craft for Easter or Spring

Good Morning dear readers,  I've been wanting to ditch the winter scene picture in the dining room and put up some easy crafts on my wall.  This is what I came up with very quick and easy to do.  Here's a list of what you'll need. You c
rafters probably already have everything in your supplies.

Toilet Paper Rolls 
Tacky Glue
Pipe Cleaner
Paint Brushes 
Newspapers for easy clean ups

First off, you will have to cut strips from the toilet rolls.  I cut enough to make a 3 petal flower you can make it bigger.  Then you will paint the strips any color you like-went pink.  Let dry for awhile maybe 1/2 hour.  I put the tacky glue on and pinched it together and held it for a minute to get it to hold.  Take your pipe cleaner and make loops in it and twist to make the leaves.  Take one end and loop through flower and twist to secure it.  Put on your wall and your done.  You can make these compliment a wreath or spruce up a mantel.
Have fun and enjoy.

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