Friday, April 11, 2014

Save Mart Meat Shopping Trip and Tricks

Good Morning dear readers,  Tired of the soaring meat prices and not sure what to do?  A good way to save money besides using coupons is to shop when the items are on clearance.  Your asking me clearance on meat or better known as reduced for quick sale.  Find out from your meat counter person when they put out the reduced for quick sale meat and go early.  Be sure to stock up on what you can. Reduced meat is still good meat its just the store can't sell past a certain date.  This can be frozen and will keep for quite a while. Here's my recent trip to Save mart and what I got from the reduced meats section.

8 packages of meat items

country style ribs--$4.57
FF Fryer Thigh--$2.65
FF Fryer Thigh--$2.72
FF Fryer Thigh--$2.97
FF Fryer Drumsticks--$2.40
FF Fryer Drumsticks--$2.89
Gorton Breaded Shrimp Poppers-$3.99 on sale
Pork Blade Steak--$5.29

TOTAL B/4 coupons/sales/discounts     $31.46                 O.O.P  $22.46     Savings 29%

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