Monday, March 31, 2014

What is a Zen Hug?

God Morning dear readers,  It's another nice overcast day in California, which means I can go outside with out getting a headache.  Any ways I digress here, several people have asked me What is a Zen Hug? I put this in my signature line when responding to people and people have been curious.  I am a big fan of Anne McCaffrey and in her brain ship novels one of the characters came up with zen hugs-a hug you would give in person if you were able to give it.  I think everyone needs a hug because they are such a release of emotion. Did you know their was an article a long time ago of a club in Seattle that meets just to give its members hugs.  Recently in the news there's a company that will come to  your house and hug you for half an hour.  I thought this was very interesting.  People realize the power of hugs.  If  you had enough people give you a hug you wouldn't need therapy.  You would feel  loved.  So give your family members hugs today and if you have people in your life who live faraway send a ZEN HUG.

                                                      Frankie giving his toy a hug
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